The Motorist’s Bill of Rights

The facts about collision repair and your role in repairing your vehicle:

Do I have the right to take my car to the shop of my choice?

YES – Only you may select the repair facility. That choice is yours and yours alone, regardless if any entity or organization says otherwise. It is, after all, your vehicle.

Should my insurance company be notified before repairs?

YES – Your policy states that if requested, you must file a sworn proof of loss, exhibit the damaged property and submit to examination under oath.

Do I need to contact more than one shop for an estimate?

NO – Only one estimate from the shop of your choice is required of you. Securing any additional estimate would be the obligation of your insurance company.

Am I responsible for the cost of repairs?

YES – You are responsible to the repair facility for payment of repairs. If you are insured, your insurance contract states that the insurance company will pay you for the loss, less any applicable deductibles or depreciation. Any arrangements for payment by your insurance company are your responsibility.

Is the repair facility responsible for the repairs performed on my car?

YES – Repair facilities regulated by the State warranty the collision repairs they perform on your vehicle.

If I am having difficulties with my insurance company do I have recourse?

YES – First consult with your insurance agent or broker. Then if your problems still have not been resolved, consult with the Nevada Department of Insurance. You can reach them at the following:

Nevada Department of Insurance

788 Fairview Dr #300
Carson City, NV 89701
(775) 687-4270 or
1-800-992-0900 (ask for the Insurance Division)


If my insurance company does not agree with the amount of loss, do I have recourse other than those mentioned above?

YES – Consult your policy regarding failure to agree on amount of loss and/or any avenues for settlement through arbitration.