Where Can I Go For A Good Auto Body Shop in Reno?

Any collision can be very scary especially when one has never been through this situation. Being that this is your first experience dealing with an auto body shop in Reno. I’m sure you want the best auto body shop in Reno. Learn what to look for in the best collision center in Reno.

According to an article at invisionautobody.com, “Auto Body Shop in Reno & Sparks”

“When you are involved in an accident and have to make an insurance claim, the insurance office will give you a few recommendations for collision centers that they approve in the given zip code.  These recommendations are shops that meet the criteria of the individual insurance company.  For example The Insurance Company requires the shops complete repairs in a certain time frame, give the customer a lifetime warranty on the repairs, technicians are trained and certified, and meet customer satisfaction ratings.  This does not mean you have to limit yourself to these options you are free to take your vehicle to a location of your choice.  If you go with an insurance recommendation or you want to go your own direction it is always smart to do some homework so you feel comfortable with the decision you are going to make.

There are a lot of questions that run through an individual’s mind when having to take their vehicle into a body shop to get repaired especially when it’s their first experience.  Some examples that people are worried about are “Is my car going to be fixed and meet all safety requirements that it met before the accident”  “I hope they do not total my car I need it” I hope I am not taken advantage of because of my lack of knowledge in this profession”.  The good thing is a good shop will answer all these questions and more for you throughout the repair process.  The shops know it is a very devastating situation to go through an auto accident and want to make the situation as hassle and stress free as possible.  So if there is a question on your mind ask it, remember growing up the teacher would say “there are no dumb questions” so ask away.  If the staff can’t answer your questions you have is that a trust worthy shop for you to leave your vehicle?

Also it is not looked down upon to ask for a tour of the Facility.  In fact professional shops encourage the tour, so feel free to ask if you could get a tour around and see how the shop runs their repair process.  If a repair shop is skeptical or does not want to show you are around you should ask yourself “are they hiding something?”  I say let the shop show you around and show off their various awards, employee certifications, high tech tooling clean and organized technician bays, paint department etc.  There is a lot that goes into running a lean, smooth auto repair facility and is actually quite interesting to check out.

The internet is a very important tool.  You could do a lot of your initial assessments at the comfort of your own home.  With company web pages and social media you have various ways to get the inside scoop on a company.  Check and see how the company portrays themselves on their personal website.  That is now almost the initial spokesperson for any company now.  Are they clean, professional?  What kind of information are they trying to share?  Are they more worried about giving you discounts and free stuff if they can fix your car or are they sharing knowledge and help you understand about their company and showing you that they are here to help you?  The next biggest things are the multiple customer review websites that are available to the public.”

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