What To Look For In An RV Repair Shop in Reno & Sparks

The love for travel! Are you an RV enthusiast….own an RV yourself? Have you taken the time to find an RV repair shop in the Reno & Sparks area? Here’s what to look for in the best RV repair shop. At A1 Body Shop we are RV enthusiast and understand the needs of our customers it’s not just a hobby but a way of life.

According to an article at EzineArticles.com, “Finding a RV Repair Shop

“For many folks, their RV isn’t just a hobby. It is a lifestyle choice. Being free to travel and see the great country we live in is one of the things that draw people to travel trailers and fifth wheels. However, having to do repair work on your RV is no fun. That’s why most people choose professionals to take care of their RV service needs. Technology continues to move forward and the Dutchmen Travel Trailers of today are far more advanced than the ones our parents might have had. In this article I hope to give you the information needed to select the RV service center to do the work you want done.

You often hear dealers say we pride ourselves on customer service that goes beyond what any other dealer offers. That customer service applies to the RV repair we do as well. We didn’t fall into this business, we went into it because we love and understand the RV lifestyle. The question is, do they really mean this, or is it just another sales pitch? There is a way to find out. If they hire certified technicians, or train their technicians to Recreational Vehicle Industry Associations standards, they are probably committed to RV service. Recreational vehicle industry association standards are high, which means to be a certified technician you must prove your worth. All certified technicians have extensive training in RV repair work. Any reputable dealership, or service center, will make sure their technicians are trained to work on any type or brand of RV.

This writer knows how you feel when you need RV service. You are worried about your RV as well as about the quality of the repair work being done. Of course, the cost of the repair is always something we fret about. You can most likely rest assured that the work will be done well, and service charges in line, if the service center has certified technicians doing the work on your RV. Having a certified technician means you will not have someone working on your rig that does not understand the complexities of RV repair.

Another way to determine if this is a RV repair shop to be trusted or not, is to checkout their RV inventory. Have you ever had RV repair work done where most of the waiting was because the parts had to be ordered from far away? If the dealer does repair and service on many RVs, they will carry a parts inventory that competitors cannot match. Commitment to repair work requires a service center to carry a large parts inventory. So always check out their parts and accessories store. Even if they are a sizable repair center they will not always have every part to fix every problem. If they don’t have a part, they probably can get it shipped very quickly. That’s what happens when you are a well-respected and known RV repair shop and dealer. I can assure you that they will go out of their way to service your RV in a timely fashion.”

At A1 Body Shop we do it all from RV repairs, service work, and collision repair. You can’t go wrong with A1 Body Shop especially since we have one of the largest inventories of RV parts on site. Visit a1bodyshoprv.com for more information.

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