The Stars Shine on A1 Auto Body Shop in Reno

Who doesn’t like recognition and the auto body business is no exception! Did you know that the auto body business gets recognized for their selfless acts that’s benefits others? It’s amazing the work that many Reno auto body shops do for their community and A1 Body Shop in Reno is one amazing company that supports their Reno and Sparks community.

According to an article at autobodyonline.com, “The National Auto Body Council”

“Award of Distinction will continue tradition of the first great National Auto Body Council initiative through celebrating selfless acts by industry professionals for the benefit of others.

Oak Creek, WI, July 6, 2012 — The National Auto Body Council (NABC) has announced that it is retiring its long-standing Pride Award, and replacing it with the newly-christened Award of Distinction.

The Award of Distinction carries forth the essence and character of the Pride Award from which it is being transitioned. The recognition will continue to embody the National Auto Body Council’s mission to promote the image of the collision repair profession, celebrating individuals or groups from the industry that selflessly contribute to the world around them.

“We see the Award of Distinction is the next step in the evolution of the Pride Award,” said NABC Award Chairman Kent Seavey, President Off-Airport Operations at Hertz. “The National Auto Body Council board is looking forward—it envisions the award may become broader in scope in the future— hence the new name. There’s no question, however, that this recognition proceeds directly from ‘the first great NABC initiative.’”

The award has been given for bravery, philanthropy, charity, and selfless acts of kindness. It transcends the rigors of daily business to uncover those helping the world around them without a thought of recognition for themselves. Any individual, business organization, or group employed in a collision industry-related segment such as collision repair facility, vehicle manufacturer, supplier/vendor, educator, insurer, independent appraiser or trade association is eligible to be nominated.

In addition, the National Auto Body Council is making a concerted effort to recognize those who perform good deeds on an ongoing basis, not within the confines of any particular time-frame. “Anytime someone in the industry does something worthy of the award, we’d like to encourage folks to go the NABC website and fill out the form we provide,” explained NABC Board Member Janet Chaney. “The individuals who are so recognized will be featured in our newsletter and automatically become nominees for the Award of Distinction.”

“The collision repair industry is a dynamic profession that continually adapts to best address the challenges facing it,” added National Auto Body Council National Director Chuck Sulkala. “As our industry moves forward, it makes sense the awards promoting it should evolve, too. Like the Pride Award that came before it, the Award of Distinction will serve to shine a bright light on the best the industry has to offer.”

As you can see by reading the article the auto body business offers more than just auto body work but great supporters of their community. A1 Body Shop is one of the best in the business what can I say “40 years” for more information visit a1bodyshoprv.com.

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