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With all the advancements to RV’s today when the last time your RV was serviced? With summer in full bloom is your RV ready to hit the road? Have you gone over your RV maintenance list before that long vacation?

According to an article at toddsblogs.com, “RV Maintenance Tips”

“While it’s possible to find a qualified mechanic during your travels, the best choice is to find issues before they become a problem. Before hitting the road, make sure your vehicle doesn’t have any fluid leaks and check to see if the generator exhaust system is running as it should.

Daily Preventative Maintenance Check List For RVs

Once you’ve embarked on your journey, there are daily checks that should be done. This includes checking the fluid levels, including the engine oil, power steering fluid, coolant and wiper fluid every day. Also make sure the lights, turn signals, brake lights, brakes and the hitch are working correctly before you start off for the day. Faulty signals and brake lights could cause serious problems with other drivers, which is why it’s a smart idea to uncover any issues before they become a hazard.

Travel Trailer Maintenance Tips For Tires

Next to overloading, under inflated tires are the second leading cause of tire failure. Pay special attention to the load rating for your tires, but realize that the load rating is entirely dependent on a properly inflated tire. If a tire isn’t inflated correctly, it can become too hot, which can cause serious damage to the tire’s interior. It might look okay on the outside to the layperson, but be damaged enough internally that it fails without warning.

Most tires can lose up to two pounds of pressure each month. If you’re not checking your tires regularly, you could end up with a severely under inflated tire in just a few months. It’s best to monitor your tire pressure at least once a week, more often if your travels take you through different elevations.

It’s vital to check tire pressure before you start driving. A tire that is cold will give an accurate pressure reading, while one that is hot can provide a high pressure rating. Checking the tires when hot could give you a false sense of security when it comes to the safety of your tires, compromising the safety of your fellow travelers and everyone else on the road.”

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