How To Find A Qualified Auto Body Shop In Reno

Do you need to find an auto body shop in Reno that you can trust? Want an auto body shop that has the experience and proof to back-up their work? Here are a few tips on how to find a good auto body shop in Reno.

According to an article at car.ezinemark.com, “Quality Auto Body Shop”

“If you are serious about wanting to maintain your cars bodywork you need to find a local quality car body repair center. Not just one which is friendly & competitive but one that can really produce body repairs that will last.

Tell Tale signs of good car body repairs.

When going to a car bodywork shop where do you start on your quest to identify a good repairer? The first thing I would want to look at is a car they have just done & if they will allow you to, go have a stroll around their shop. Looking at cars in repair stages, you can tell a lot about how long the repair will last by doing this.

So firstly, when looking at a finished car body repair, what do you look for? Take your time, let your eyes view over the job that has been done, does anything nasty jump out? If not that’s a great start. Now take a look at how it was masked, are there any signs of paint on the finishers or around the handles etc.

Bend down and look down the panel, a good car body repair should be ripple free. Take a long look into the paintwork, are there any fine scratches? If fine scratches are present they are called sink age or mapping out, if they are not present it’s a quality job. Finally, look at the overall texture of the paintwork; is it matching the rest of the car? A good car body repair guy will try to match the texture of the spray job as close to the original as possible. Don’t be shy when looking at a job (don’t be cocky or annoying either), you will be paying for quality so you will want it.

If you are lucky enough to walk around the shop and look at repairs in progress here are a few pointers. Are the cars correctly masked up & dust free inside? When looking at dent repairs, is the special body filler rubbed down & left in fine scratches before the primer or are the scratches very course? Course filler scratches will sink over time, so beware of repairers that leave heavy scratches in their work before primer is applied. Take note, does the body shop use a low bake oven? This is a must if you want your car body repairs to last for a long time, drying the primers & paint need to be done with infra-red lamps or in a low bake oven.

I hope these pointers have been useful. If you want to keep your car in tip top condition finding a quality car body repair center is vital. Remember just using quality wash & wax can make all the difference and create that lovely luster that we all admire.”

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