Collision Repairs in Reno Nevada

 Collision Repairs in Reno Nevada

Do you have collision insurance? Know exactly what your insurance company is responsible in case of an accident? Auto body shops in Reno Nevada come across this issue when individuals are not even sure of their deductible. Here are a few pointers on what everyone should be aware of insurance and collision repair.

According to an article at theautobodyblog.com, “ Collision Repair Shop”

“Consumers need to know what goes on when their vehicle is involved in an accident. You as a consumer need to ask many questions when your vehicle becomes involved in a collision. As a painter in the collision industry, I want to make the repairs to your vehicle look better than new. I want the color I apply to match perfectly; I want the clear coat to look like glass. I want no dust in your vehicle and I want to see a smile on your face when you pick up your vehicle from the repair shop.

Please do yourself a favor when you apply to get insurance, ask questions to your agent. Make sure you completely understand what you are getting and what you do not get with your policy. The most common thing I see is “loss of use” in your policy. Loss of use lets you use a rental car when your car becomes involved in a collision. Find out what your deductible will be if you are ever in an accident. I see many folks with the misconception that the insurance company covers all costs of your collision. Some folks just do not have five hundred dollars to cover the cost of the deductible. Please spend the time at your agents office and understand where you money is going.”

At A1 Body Shop in Reno Nevada we’ll go over the whole process of collision repair and get you through the process hassle free. For more information on our services please visit a1bodyshoprv.com.

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