Buying a Classic Car To Restore in Reno

Are you thinking about buying a classic car? Has it been a lifelong dream to own a classic car? Not sure where to start and what exactly you’re getting into? Well, if you live in Reno & Sparks area your in luck A1 Body Shop is the best classic car restoration in town.

According to an article at secondchancegarage.com, “Choosing a Classic Vehicle to Restore”

“The choices are endless, from early 20th Century cars, to post-war models, to 50s tailfins, to 60s muscle cars. The problem isn’t one of finding a particular vehicle; the problem is deciding which one to buy! Here are some guidelines to follow:

Is there some particular vehicle that you always wanted but were too young (or poor) to buy?

Did a certain vehicle play a part in some moment of your life? Were you married in a ’59 Ford; go to the prom in a ’66 Mustang?

Do you want to get back the first car you ever owned?

Do the styles of the 1930s turn you on?

Do you favor the European cars of the 50s or 60s?

First, think about what your interests are, and then list on paper your top 5 or 6 candidates. If you need some help, go to the library and look at car books. You’ll find books on all subjects, eras and makes, so spend a little time narrowing down the ones that appeal to you. While you’re creating that list of candidates, take the time to look up values in pricing guides (Old Cars, CPI, NADA, etc.) found in the library.

Now it’s time to narrow down that list. First, cross out any vehicles that you can’t afford or are so rare that it’s not worth looking. For instance, if you have a Tucker or Duisenberg on the list you’d better have a lot of money!

Decided on one? Now how do you find the “right” one to buy?

Purchasing a classic car

There is no “right” one but there are a number of “acceptable” ones. They can be found everywhere, but before you start looking, make yourself familiar with our Vehicle Condition Guide. You need to do this so you can “read between the lines” of the many ads you’ll be screening. Also, arming yourself with this knowledge will enable you to ask the right questions of the owner and to examine the vehicles with an objective eye. Remember, sellers of old vehicles will invariably represent their condition in the best possible light. Some will outright misrepresent things and others will overlook problems because they just don’t know enough about the vehicles. You need to become the expert, so print out the guide and keep it handy.

The most well-known publication listing old vehicles, parts and services is Hemmings Motor News. Commonly known as the “Bible of the Old Car Hobby,” Hemmings has been around since the 1960s and every month lists over 20,000 vehicles for sale. Also worth buying is Old Cars Weekly, another long-established publication devoted to the hobby. Both are available at larger newsstands and on the internet.”

Once you have your new classic car and you’re ready to bring it back to its glory days, visit a1bodyshoprv.com for more information on A1 Body Shop auto restorations.

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