Auto Detailing in Reno

Does your car need a little TLC? When was the last time your vehicle had a complete auto detailed cleaning? Here are a few reasons why you should have your vehicle detailed on a regular basis.

According to an article at saltlakemobiledetailing.com, “Car Detailing”

“As your vehicle is subject to the environment day after day, it picks up and retains contaminants that cannot be removed by a typical car wash.  These contaminants include residue from:

  • Bugs – Insects are very acidic and contain chemicals that can actually eat away at your paint if their remains are left on your car or truck.  What many individuals commonly refer to as stone chips typically found around the front bumper, grille, and hood of your vehicle are more commonly caused by bug residue that has been left on the paint too long.  If left for too long their chemical composition actually eats away at your vehicle’s paint leaving holes in the paint and clear coat.  Simple car washes do nothing to remove this residue.
  • Road tar – All black pavement contains tar that can be kicked up by other vehicles and can attach to your own vehicle.  The combination of road tar and hot sun can cause the tar to actually permanently attach to your paint.  A variety of strong solvents must be used in order to remove tar build-up on cars and trucks.
  • Salt – Every winter in Nevada, salt is commonly used on the roads to prevent and break up ice and snow.  This salt attaches itself to your car every winter and if left unnoticed, can damage the finish on your vehicle as well as remove the wax from the last time that your vehicle was waxed.
  • Oxidation – The finish on your car can become dull due to a chemical reaction in the atmosphere with the pigment in your vehicle’s paint called oxidation.  This is primarily caused by direct exposure to sunlight for prolonged periods of time and can leave a white, chalky-looking residue on your vehicles painted surface.  Oxidation is especially prominent on boats, cars and trucks that are not garage kept.  Simple washing cannot remove oxidation.  A combination of claying the vehicle with a clay bar and using select polishing a rubbing compounds can restore your vehicles paint back to near new quality once again

All of the above issues cannot be resolved with a typical hand wash, and even less with a drive-through car wash.  A combination of meticulous hand washing, the use of the proper solvents, polishes and compounds, and a clay bar treatment can completely rid your vehicle of all of the above contaminants.  The longer that your auto, boat, RV, plane, or motorcycle goes without a proper exterior detailing, the more damage will be done to your vehicles exterior by surface contaminants.”

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