A1 Body Shop RV Repairs in Reno Nevada

Have you taken the plunge and purchased an RV in Reno? Is the family ready to make memories that will last a lifetime? Before you take the road trip of a lifetime have you had your RV inspected by an RV mechanic in the Reno and Sparks area?

According to an article at journal.net, “RV Maintenance Repairs

“The first question you have to ask yourself is whether or not you should even attempt some of the maintenance items yourself. Are you ready, or qualified, for do it yourself RV repairs? Unless properly trained and prepared, recreational vehicle owners should not attempt to make certain repairs or perform service on any RV, product or component. If you don’t believe me I’ll give you my father’s phone number and you can ask him how much he paid the mechanic after one of his “I can do it myself thank you very much” attempts. I was there. It turned out very badly. It got VERY dark on the side of the road that cold night in Tennessee.

The Two Types of Repairs

There are basically two types of RV service; crisis repairs and preventive maintenance. Preventive maintenance can include such items as the following: checking and sealing the roof, windows, storage compartments and doors, cleaning, flushing and servicing the LP appliances, changing the oil in the generator and chassis engine and checking all fluid levels, cleaning the filters in the roof air conditioners, cleaning and treating your holding tanks, flushing and sanitizing your fresh water system, performing battery maintenance. These can be considered something you do now to prevent something worse from happening later. Call it insurance if you like. Crisis repairs (also known as Holy Cripes what now!), on the other hand, offer no options. The problem is staring you right in the face and if you want to get back on the road it has to be handled now. A few examples of crisis repairs would be an abnormally worn tire, a flat tire, or a blown engine.

Fortunately RV preventive maintenance will go a long way towards minimizing the frequency and the degree of crisis-type repairs. Routine tire inspection and careful study of inflation pressures, checking and cleaning the refrigerator components and checking the LP pressure, regular oil changes, and periodic cleaning of the air conditioner filters can all prevent the above crisis repairs from happening. Remember the old adage.. Pound Wise, Penny foolish.”

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