What Types of Parts are Used by a Body Shop in Reno, NV?

What Types of Parts are Used by a Body Shop in Reno, NV?

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A body shop in Reno, NV uses many different types of parts for collision repair and other vehicle repairs. In some cases, an individual’s insurance company will require a body shop to use a specific type of part to repair a client’s vehicle. In other cases, individuals might want to specify the types of parts used in order to save money, or when other types aren’t available. The age of the vehicle is also taken into consideration, as new parts may not be available for that specific vehicle. The variables that go into choosing the types of parts used are many, so the parts are chosen on an individual basis.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Parts

OEM parts are made by the same manufacturer that made the vehicle that is being repaired. In some cases, they’re made by a vendor that supplies parts for the manufacturer of the vehicle. An OEM part is the same as a “genuine part,” or a part that would be originally installed in a new vehicle before it’s sold. After a certain period of time, dealers are allowed to sell genuine parts, but they are placed in new packaging and typically are sold for a cheaper price. These are some of the most common parts used in collision repair and other types of vehicle repair.

Non-Original or Aftermarket Parts

A non-original or aftermarket part is created by a manufacturer other than the original car manufacturer or its supplying vendor. These are like “copies” of the original or OEM parts, and can be compared to purchasing the off-brand of something rather than the brand name. Aftermarket parts must meet the industry safety standards, and are usually the same quality or better quality than the OEM parts. In a lot of cases, aftermarket parts can help the customer save money on collision repairs and other types of vehicle repair. They are also sometimes required by the insurance company.

Recycled or Used Parts

Used parts have been removed from the vehicles on which they were originally installed and are being used to repair a different vehicle. Generally, before they are installed on a different vehicle, the parts are inspected and restored so that they’re “like in kind and quality.” Recycled parts are generally a lot cheaper than aftermarket or OEM parts, and can work just as well. However, these parts may not come with a warranty.

Knowing the different kinds of parts used by a body shop in Reno, NV for collision repair or other types of repair can help individuals select the perfect parts for their vehicle. It’s especially helpful if they’re trying to save a lot of money or want to ensure the quality of the parts before installation.

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