What Products are Safe for Your Vehicles Exterior Finish

What auto care products do you use to maintain your vehicles finish? Here are recommendations on how to maintain your vehicles exterior paint in tip-top shape.

According to an article at motortrend.com, “Maintaining that Shiny Exterior”

“What’s the difference between a wax, polish, and glaze? Is a paint cleaner the same as a carwash solution? When should you use a polish and when a polishing compound? It’s confusing out there on the shelves of the local auto parts store and no wonder car owners have a hard time figuring out which products are best for maintaining their vehicle’s finish. Even the finish-care industry can’t decide what to call its products. Some formulas have the same name but do different jobs. Others are designed for basically the same purpose, but are called by different names. What’s a concerned buyer to do? 

In many cases, there’s no way to know what a paint-care product does just by its name. Some manufacturers, for instance, use the terms “wax” and “polish” virtually interchangeably. Yet, other companies–as well as professional detailers–draw a clear distinction between the two, each having its own specified job and application. To further complicate things, a wax is often labeled as such, even when there’s no wax in the product at all. Throw in more terms like “glaze,” “swirl remover,” and “protectant,” and the fact that some products combine the benefits of different formulas, and you can really get heads spinning. Do you buy one of each or do you simply close your eyes and pick one, figuring they all do the same thing, anyway?” To read the entire article click here.

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