Auto Care Tips From A1 Body Shop in Reno Nevada

Do you know how to extend the life of your vehicles auto paint job? Here are auto care tips to keep your vehicles paint job in tip-top-shape.

According to an article at diamondcertified.org, “Exterior Paint Tips”

“Your cars paint job is both one of its most noticeable features and one of the most expensive features to replace and repair. Fortunately, there are many preventive steps you can take to protect your cars paint and keep it looking like new. Consider using the following tips as a starting point:

Use proper tools to wash your car. Start with a cotton or paint-safe microfiber washing mitt, a five-gallon bucket and cleaning products specifically designed for automotive use. Only use pH balanced, non-detergent formulas that won’t strip wax, and combine them with lubrication to prevent scratching and conditioners to maintain shine protection. These products are usually gentle on all painted finishes as well as rubber, vinyl and plastic components.

Never skip drying. Drying your vehicle after washing it is necessary to prevent water spots. Auto detailing professionals advise using 100 percent cotton detailing cloths or sheepskin chamois to dry your car (polyester and microfiber can scratch the surface). If you want to get more high-tech, many car care product lines have paint safe drying towels that are super absorbent and claim to be lint- and scratch-free.” To read the entire article click here.

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