What to do After You File a Motorcycle Collision Claim

Did you recently file a motorcycle collision claim? Are you aware that you can choose which auto body shop to repair the damage done to your motorcycle? Here are tips on how to find an auto body shop in Reno.

motorcycleAccording to an article at thesimpledollar.com, “Find an Auto Body Shop”

  • “Choose a Shop with a Warranty
    Some auto body shops offer their own independent warranties on their repairs for fit, finish, functionality, and overall quality. Request to see their warranty and ask some questions about it before agreeing to do business with a given shop and make sure it doesn’t have a time limit. A good shop will offer a lifetime warranty.
  • Keep Your Existing Manufacturer Warranties Intact
    Ask your chosen auto body shop if any mechanical repairs will void or alter any existing warranties you may have on your new or recently purchased car. Factory warranties on engines and accessories may be compromised if your car needs mechanical repairs following a collision, so be sure your car’s factory warranty isn’t being compromised with aftermarket or used parts, or repairs that otherwise aren’t manufacturer-approved.

If your insurer is trying to “mandate” aftermarket or used parts that will void your factory warranty, demand that the insurer give you a written warranty identical to your factory warranty. Nine times out of ten they’ll simply pay for original parts, instead of giving you the runaround.” To read the entire article click here.

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