What to Consider When Searching for a Reputable Auto Body Shop in Reno

If you’re searching for a reputable auto body shop in the Reno and Sparks area what are some key points to consider. One thing you should consider is the auto body shop well-equipped with up-to-date machinery to handle auto body repairs.

According to an article at checkbook.org, “Finding a Reputable Auto Body Shop

“You can’t expect to understand all of the technology needed for good auto body repairs, but being aware of a few fundamentals may help you select the right shop for your car.

Alignment Equipment

You’ll want to ask shops whether or not they have modern, computerized unibody alignment measuring equipment. Most will.

Modern unibody cars don’t have a rigid, basic frame to which the other structural components are bolted. Instead, the structure of the car is made of a series of pieces welded together. In an accident, the entire body can be thrown out of alignment. If this structure isn’t properly straightened, the car won’t steer or brake properly, tires will wear unevenly, and front-end parts may wear out rapidly. Alignment precision is especially critical because some McPherson strut suspension systems used in modern cars don’t allow for adjustment of critical steering and suspension alignment elements.

With modern frame-straightening and measuring equipment, a car’s body can be pulled in three dimensions, and then accurately measured in three dimensions to make sure the straightening work was done perfectly. Since the computerized measuring equipment is expensive, some small shops don’t have it. Among those that do, some don’t have technicians who are skilled at using it.

If you think your car’s body might have been thrown out of alignment, pay close attention to how the car drives when you get it back. If the steering system or brakes pull or if you note an unusual pattern of tire wear, have your shop check it out. If you still have doubts, you can take your car to another shop to have it measured.

In addition to body alignment, there is wheel alignment. With many modern cars, you may need to have all four wheels aligned even if only a single rear wheel is hit in an accident. Again, pay close attention to handling and tire wear when you get your car back.”

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