What to Consider When Getting a Custom Paint Job

What to Consider When Getting a Custom Paint Job  

Is your vehicle in need of a custom paint job? Learn about the common problems that could occur when getting a custom paint job from a less than reputable auto body shop.

car insureAccording to an article at autobody-review.com, “Problems that Could Occur with an Auto Paint Job”

“Here is our list of the top 5 problems you should look out for when selecting an auto body shop for your vehicle:

1.    The new paint color doesn’t match the rest of the car.

Sometimes when you pick your car up from the auto body shop it might be dark and too hard to seen any mismatching, or it might be on a bright full sun day and the mismatching is undetectable because the full sun is making the whole car too bright to observe flaws.

But then when you get it home, or the light is different, you notice it such as in the example in the photo above. That new fender or door just jumps right out at you. I have a really trained eye, I can actually tell if a car has been repainted by a lousy paint shop even when it is driving down the road.

Why paint mismatching happens at some auto body repair shops:
First of all it is not easy to match paint exactly, and unless you are at a custom shop or getting the whole car repainted, it is not going to ever match perfectly. However, it may be nearly undetectable to you. There are just too many variables in matching paint exactly.

All modern cars come with a tag on the car somewhere, usually in the doorjamb that contains a paint code. Most auto body shops are trying to get the cars in and out as fast as they can. The technician simply enters a paint code in their system, gets a formulation, and into the paint booth they go.

But sometimes the manufactures use a different brand of paint than your repair shop is using, or the paint is tinted slightly different in the paint manufacturing plant. Sometimes mismatching occurs because your car is a bit more faded than when it was new if it has been outside for a few years. All these variables can alter the paint match probability.

The good auto paint shops will compensate for this irregularity. They may tint the colors up or down in hue and values, or they may choose to tape off the car at a body seam where it will not be as noticeable. Your eye tends to see surfaces as a whole, so a good tech knows where to start and end the new color to make the whole thing blend.” To read the entire article click here.

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