What Role Does Your Insurance Company Have in Auto Body Repairs in Reno

Is it confusing understanding what your insurance company says about auto body repairs? Learn about the process of getting your vehicle fixed after a collision and how it’s your choice choosing the auto body shop for repairs.

According to an article at ehow.com, “Auto Body Damage

“Vehicle owners have the right to receive a copy of the estimate used by an auto insurance company to figure the settlement. The agent must confirm that the estimate will cover the cost of repairs to restore the car. Claims adjusters use their knowledge of motor vehicles to identify damaged parts and affected systems for claimants. Databases show the cost of parts for particular vehicles and gives approximations of labor time. An adjuster uses these figures to assess the estimated cost of repairs based on his observations of total covered damage. The chosen mechanic is often more knowledgeable concerning the extent of damages and amount of repairs necessary to restore a vehicle. When a shop estimate exceeds a claim adjuster’s assessment, the adjuster visits the shop to examine the mechanic’s discoveries. A final appraisal is made by the adjuster and sent to the insurance company for approval before the repairs begin.


You have the right to decide which body shop will repair your car. An agent is required to inform you of the right to freely choose a shop. The insurance representative cannot induce, coerce or offer incentives to influence your choice of a repair shop. The agent can recommend an auto shop, but must disclose any business interests in the facility.”

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