Understanding Antique and Classic Restoration in Reno

Are you are looking to have an auto body shop restore the interior and exterior of your classic vehicle? Before you choose an auto body shop, make sure that they specialize in classic car restoration.  

According to an article at autos.com, “Key Points to Consider with Classic Car Restoration

“Whether you are considering purchasing an antique or classic car, restoring one, or having one restored, understanding some basics of antique car restoration are important. While collecting restored cars or doing a classic car restoration yourself can be both exciting and a good investment, not all restoration projects are the same.

Define Goals

Defining your goals before purchasing or restoring a car is important. If you just want something to own and enjoy, that is one goal. If you plan to buy a car and restore it to sell for a profit, then you will have different goals. You might fall somewhere in between, hoping to own the car for a while, but see a profit when you sell it. Depending on which of these goals fits you best, your restoration approach will be different.

Know the Value of the Car

Unless your goal is to own the car and never sell it for profit, be very mindful of the value of the car. If a car has a top value of $8,000, then you don’t want to invest $10,000 in restoration. That would be a losing proposition. So, get a good understanding of the value of your vehicle before purchasing or beginning a restoration project.

Understand Standard Equipment

In order for a car to qualify as an antique or classic car, it needs to be restored to its factory condition. This means a sunroof on a car that didn’t come equipped with one, excludes it from being classic, and therefore reduces the value. Understand what options were available on any classic car or antique car you plan to purchase or restore.”

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