Tips on How to Keep Your Auto Paint Looking Brand New

Most people consider their vehicle to be an investment especially if your thinking about resale value. With that being said wouldn’t you take care of your vehicles auto paint the best you can? Here are tips on how to protect your auto paint job.

According to an article at carcare.org, “Tips on How To Maintain Your Exterior of Your Car “

“Keeping your car looking good isn’t just a matter of enhancing its resale value, although that’s important too, it’s also your car’s only line of defense between the sheet metal and the elements. You already know parking lot dings, gravel roads or an angry ex can ruin your car’s paint in the blink of an eye, but a lot of things out there can do just as much, if not more, harm to the exterior of your car.

We contacted Mothers for advice on how to deal with common paint-damaging situations. While their specific advice is below, time and time again, they recommended keeping a good coat of wax on your car. Not only does it keep it looking pretty, it helps prevent most paint damage, or at the very least, buys you some time to get your car professionally washed. Mothers also recommended keeping a bottle of quick-detail spray and a microfiber cloth in your trunk. As you’ll see, a lot of these common problems can be prevented with a quick wipe of this solution.

The Source: Wildfires

The Problem: When wet, ash forms an alkali that can ruin your car’s finish.
The Solution: Keep your car covered, use a car duster for white ash, wash thoroughly if it’s soot.

These days it seems like every state is burdened with wildfires. The ash gets everywhere, and your car’s finish is no exception. While your instinct may be to hit the windshield washers, or just hose down the whole car, water mixed with ash can create powerful alkalis, which will ruin your paint. White ash can be removed with a car duster, or just by driving away and letting it blow off. Black ash can scratch your paint, even when you use a duster, so you’ll need to wash it off using a car wash solution, and dry thoroughly. Once the fires are out, get your car professionally washed, and put on a new coat of wax.

The Source: Tree sap

The Problem: Ancient peoples used tree sap as glue for a good reason.
The Solution: Bug and tar remover, mineral spirits, clay bar treatment

Just wiping sap off when it’s still gooey only smears it around a larger area. Instead, get a bottle of bug and tar remover from your local car parts store, and use it as directed. If the sap dries, mineral spirits can dissolve it, and remaining residue will come off with a clay bar treatment. Just be sure to wax the car after you’re done.

The Source: The gas pump

The Problem: Spilled gasoline
The Solution: Don’t top off, and clean up accidental drips

Times are tough, but “topping off” your gas tank and accidentally letting it overflow is a surefire way to damage your car’s paint. If left alone, gasoline will leave a stain on your car’s finish that’s nearly impossible to get off. If you do happen to spill gas by accident, the best solution is to grab a bottle of instant detailer and a good, clean microfiber cloth and clean up the gasoline before it does any harm.

The Source: Fingertips and mischief

The Problem: Writing or rubbing on dirty paint causes permanent marks.
The Solution: Keep your car clean.

We’ve all seen “wash me” written on a car’s finish, but the well-intentioned tagger actually just made things worse. Dirt acts like sandpaper when it’s dragged across auto paint, and it can make the marks last long after the dirt is gone.”

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