Tips From A1 Body Shop on How To Keep Your Vehicle Rust Free

During the winter months it’s an important time to pay special attention to your vehicle for rust formation. Here are tips to keep your vehicle in tip-top-shape during the winter months.

According to an article at voices.yahoo.com, “Winter Auto Tips-Rust Formation”

“If you have a new car, consider having it undercoated. This is a rubberized coating that seals the bottom of the car against corrosion. One word of warning is that for older cars, where rust has already begun to form, this step really doesn’t do much good. Eventually, the rust will cause the undercoating to bubble up and come off. New cars are the best candidates for this treatment.

Once winter has struck full-force, and you find yourself kicking slush off the undercarriage of the car, it’s a good idea to clean it regularly. This isn’t necessary every day or every week, but getting it done every two weeks while the winter throws snow at you will help prevent rust on your car year-round. Avoid pressure washing, but use the hose at a local car wash. This water will be slightly heated to prevent it from freezing, and does the best job of removing salt from the car. Make sure to spray throughout the wheel wells, in the engine compartment, and all along the underside of the car, in addition to the body.

Diligently cleaning your car every so often can go a long way toward keeping rust from forming on it while you own it. Not only will this increase the car’s resale value, but it will help save you money on repairs over the long term, as well.”

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