The Process of an Auto Collision and Auto Body Shop in Reno

Not sure what happens after an accident? Here are tips to help you get through the process when dealing with an auto body shop and your insurance company.

According to an article at trustmymechanic.com, “What to do After an Auto Collision

“What if the repair shop you use does not have a body shop, but you have called their towing company for assistance? Insurance companies will usually allow you to transfer your vehicle from one location to the repair facility of your choice one time at no additional expense to you. If your car has been towed to a storage facility and you need it towed to the repair shop, the insurance companies will usually pick up the tab for the second tow charge.

So, if you do not have a body repair shop already picked out (which you should the day you get your new car) then you will have a day or so to find one that you like. If your car was damaged beyond repair (a total loss) then it really does not matter if your car is at a storage facility or at the body shop. The insurance companies will send out a claims adjuster to see the damage to your vehicle. If it is a total loss and they want to settle with you:

Be sure to agree upon a price of the claim and get it in writing.

Find out how much and when they will pay you before you release your vehicle to them. KEEP your rental car until they have paid you!

Once you sign the vehicle release, the car belongs to them and you just lost your bargaining power. The insurance companies will have to pay storage each day your car sits on the storage lot; so your agent will want that car removed as soon as possible. When the car is gone and there are no storage charges accruing, the insurance company has no burning desire to settle the claim quickly and fairly.”

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