The Most Reputable Auto Body Shop in Reno

With all the festivities this time of year, life can become very hectic. As we all know one of the many holiday traditions is shopping. Has this scenario ever happened to yourself or someone you know after a lovely day of holiday shopping you realize that your car has a huge dent in the parking lot? Here are tips to help you find a reputable auto body shop.

According to an article at carsdirect.com, “Reputable Auto Body Repair Shop

“One of the best and most reliable sources for information about auto body technicians is friends. Often times one of them has already needed a dent repair shop and done the work of figuring out which one is best. While their advice may be good, you have to be careful to not just take their word for it because sometimes different customers have different needs and experiences.

Check out the Shop

Once you have the name of a shop, go check it out before you need any work done. If you go when you need something from them you may feel pressured and not fully check out the shop. Another way to quickly determine whether the shop is reputable is to look for posted prices, awards, degrees and certification. Chances are that if a shop has all of those, you at least won’t be scammed and will be aware of the price for the work.

Consider the Employees

Another indicator of a shop’s professionalism is the employees. If they are friendly, courteous and knowledgeable then they will take pride in their work and do a good job. On the other hand if the employees are unsatisfied, and seem like they don’t want your business; then they don’t deserve your business and would not do a good job.

Test Their Work

One of the best methods for testing a repair shop is to have them do a small job before you use them for anything major. Have them repair a small dent and use that to determine whether they deserve the bigger jobs. While it may cost you some extra money that you wouldn’t spend otherwise, it can save you from making a big mistake with a bad repair shop.”

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