The Importance of an Auto Body Shop and Auto Body Mechanics

If you’ve been in auto collision you understand the importance of taking your vehicle to an auto body shop. Here are facts on why you should only take your vehicle to an auto body shop to repair your vehicles frame.

According to an article at articlesbase.com, “Wouldn’t You Only Want the Best to Fix Your Vehicles Frame?”

“An Auto Body Technician is a specialist within the Auto Mechanic profession. The exterior “skin” of a car is what attracts us to look at it. Sometimes we admire it, sometimes we wonder why the owner “let it go.” Most of us want people to do the former not the latter. Do you remember when you first were involved in a car crash? Most of us were not even driving when that happened. Do you remember getting out and looking at the results of the two cars “bumping” into each other? It looked like someone had crumpled a piece of paper. Maybe there were broken parts lying around, or hanging off one of the cars. This is what an AutoBody Technician is trained for, to return such a car to its former condition if not better.

 To be trained in auto body repair you will have to understand and be knowledgeable about different body parts that we “normal” people do not. After all, what is a rocker panel? Why would we ever need to know what a rocker panel is? The auto body technician would know what function a rocker panel has, what a chassis is, along with the body frame, plus a great deal more. The different equipment used in auto body repair can be used in other fields such as woodworking, but the use on automobiles is important. Everything from welders, orbiter Sanders, compressors and sprayers to engine hoists. The knowledge of what the equipments purpose is along with how to use it, enables the auto body repair process to move smoothly. The training on this equipment makes all the difference between being a professional or not.” To read the entire article click here.

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