The Importance of a Professional Auto Body Shop in Reno

Did you get into a motorcycle collision and your bike means the world to you? If you’re looking for the best auto body shop in the Reno and Sparks area you have to check out A1 Body Shop. You’ll have your motorcycle back looking brand spanking new.

According to an article at ezinearticles.com, “Motorcycle Auto Body Damage

“Motorcycles can be damaged in a variety of ways due to an accident or collision. Although bikes are sturdy vehicles, they are often on the wrong end of a heavy impact. The motorcycle’s interior and exterior may need repair. While some of the damage will be obvious, interior parts will need inspection and probably attention. If the engine does not turn over and start or if the motorcycle has leaks or structural or cosmetic damage, the owner will need to take it to a repair shop. Upon receiving an estimate for repairs, the bike owner will then have to decide whether it is worth having it fixed or not.


While the motorcycle may run mechanically, it will probably need to be fixed before it can be safely driven on the road. Taking it to a professional auto mechanic or motorcycle repair shop will ensure that the repairs are made properly and safely so that the bike can be ridden again.


One of the first things that the mechanic will do is take a look at the damage. He may wheel it across the ground to determine whether the wheels are functional or not. If the tires are flat, they will need to replaced. The structural integrity of the wheels is another issue. If the frame of either wheel is bent, it will need to be repaired or replaced. Depending on the weight of the bike, it may be easier to re-inflate, repair or replace the tires and wheels so that the vehicle can be moved on a motorcycle lift and elevated. Motorcycle lifts make it easier to see the lower parts of the bike and make repairs.”

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