The Difference Between an Auto Body Shop and Auto Repair Shop in Reno

When it comes to auto body repairs do you understand what they have to offer? Auto body shops specialize in repairing vehicles in auto collisions, rust, or auto restoration. The next time you need the services of an auto body shop in Reno don’t forget A1 Body Shop.

According to an article at approvedarticles.com, “Auto Body Specialist”

“Sometimes it is important to answer the simplest of questions first. What auto body shops do is about the simplest and a good place to learn about the industry.

Basically, an auto body shop repairs a damaged automobile. This is different from fixing a car that is not operating properly mechanically. The damage to the car is not related to a mechanical failure, but is caused by either a collision or by neglect. The most common cause is collision. Old and abandoned cars may suffer body damage due to rust, but it is the accident that causes a collision that is the main source of work for an auto body shop.

The services provided by an auto body shop tend to vary. Some specialize in certain types of fixes while others focus on other areas. Regardless of their specialty, most auto body shops provide some basic, uniform services. These can include things such as repainting a car. If you have dings and scratches, nearly every shop will be able to handle them for you. All shops should be able to handle a major damage situation resulting from an accident where you were innocently smashed into by that jerk! Most shops can also do restoration work where they take your “mature” car and give it the once over to make it gleam again.”

Technically, there are three other aspects to the complete restoration of the damaged automobile. The first is glass replacement. Broken windows are usually the standard in a major collision. The second factor is repainting of the auto. The areas damaged, and holes filled must be sanded and primed and a new paint job applied to the car. Finally, mechanical damage must be repaired to return the car to running condition.

With auto accidents, you will hopefully have car insurance that covers the damage. In such a situation, you can be assured the shop involved will be a full service outfit. Put another way, the shop will be able to handle all areas of the repair. If you don’t have insurance, you need to get a clear understanding of what the shop can and cannot do. Some shops tend to specialize in certain areas and send the car out to other shops for other work. The problem, of course, is you don’t know if the other shops are any good.”

Whether its major or minor auto body repairs A1 Body Shop can handle it all, for more information on our services visit a1bodyshoprv.com.

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