The Best Ways to Avoid an Auto Collision

The Best Ways to Avoid an Auto Collision

Did you know that the highest percentage of auto collisions occur from December to March? To be safe on the road, here are helpful tips to keep you informed on the dangers on the road.

car3According to an article at cnbc.com, “The Trouble on the Road”

The highest percentage of vehicle collisions happen between December-March, and with this March coming in like a lion — with more winter storms affecting areas of the country not known for snow and icy conditions — we thought it was a good time to offer some basic driving tips to avoid some of the more common fender benders, as well as more serious accidents,” said AutoPartsWarehouse.com CEO Shane Evangelist.

Though usually avoidable and often minor, these accidents can be costly. In fact, a recently released study showed that the average cost of an auto body repair in 2012 was $2,257[2].

See below for AutoPartsWarehouse.com’s tips to keep fender benders to a minimum as roads across the US continue to be hit with severe weather:

Stay in Control and Centered
Keeping a vehicle in control when the road conditions are slippery is notoriously difficult. To maintain control, keep steering, braking and throttle inputs as smooth as possible – no sudden or jerky motions. Try to pay close attention to what the chassis (the framework of the car) is doing and if it feels unsettled, make gradual adjustments to point your vehicle away from trouble.” To read the entire article click here.

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