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Have you had your eye on a classic car for awhile now? Ready to purchase a classic car and have it restored back to its glory days? At A1 Body Shop in Reno there’re the best in classic car restoration industry.

According to an article at classiccars.about.com, “Affordable Classic Cars”

“How many times have we heard it, “classic cars restoration aren’t so expensive, it just is beyond my means to get involved in the hobby”. And many times this is true as someone stares at the Bugatti Atalante, or the Pierce Arrow, or the Rolls Royce. It is true also for 95% of us in the Classic Car hobby as well, and there is no doubt that rarity and design are key drivers of pricing in a hobby where supply and demand works.

But by this article we want to change the paradigm and open up the subject of affordable classics cars for the beginning hobbyist, or for those of us in mid-stream and in these difficult times needing to reshape our expenditures on our hobbies.

There are hundreds of affordable classics for all to enjoy. One easy way to look at this is take away the rarity restriction and look at the volume produced cars, especially those with unique and different features which produce the emotional “I had one of those and I really regret selling it!”

Examples in this category are the 1960s models of the VW Beetle, the Morris Minor, the Ford Falcon and the Chevy Nova. Very reasonable examples of these cars available on eBay, craigslist and cars.com from between $4000 to $14000 that will not only allow you to drive home with a smile on not only your face, but also not break your monthly budget!

In particular we just overviewed a 1964 Chevy Nova for under $10,000 that seemed to be in a very good and well maintained condition, a nicely presented 1969 VW Beetle (the Super Beetle, I believe) on ebay for less than $6000 and I could go on and on about the Morris Minors.

Here’s the extra trick to keep you in the affordability index – don’t look at convertibles or special run models, leave those for the collectors with deeper pockets. However I will submit to you that you will get just as many smiles per miles with your affordable jalopy. Needless to say because these cars were mass produced (and I mean mass produced) your operating expenses on these cars will also be low as parts are so readily available from the respective clubs and the commercial outlets.

So there it is…great fun and affordable classics at a fraction of the investment cost of that Ferrari. They’re much easier and far less expensive to maintain, inexpensive to insure and still have that wonderful intangible of the thumbs up wherever you go!”

When you’re ready to start your classic car restoration in Reno contact A1 Body Shop and leave the classic car restoration to the specialist at a1bodyshoprv.com

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