The Best Auto Body Shop in Reno

After a lovely day of shopping at the mall has this ever happened to you, your car has a huge dent? The sad part about it is that you didn’t even do the damage yourself.  Want to learn the differences in auto body shops and auto paint shops? Here’s a few tips to help you find the best auto body shop.

According to an article at servicemagic.com, “Breakdown on Auto Body Shops”

“So, no matter the situation, here’s a rundown of common auto body paint jobs, quick tips for knowing when to send the car into the shop for a professional paint job, and a preliminary cost estimate so you can prepare yourself for the bad news….

Different Types of Auto Body Paint Jobs

Touch-Up Car Scratches: You’d think there would be an easy answer for this, and there usually is. The problem is identifying the nature and severity of the scratch. Your scratch may not be a scratch at all, but a deposit left on top of the paint job by the object. Make sure that can feel a scratch and not a bump. You may need adhesive remover, not touch-up paint. If it is a scratch, a passable touch-up job can be done using sandpaper and rubbing compound or touch-up auto body paint. If you’re not sure how to fix your particular scratch or you’d rather trust the professionals to find the best color for matching paint, there’s no shame in sending the car into the shop for a professional touch-up. There are potential hazards lurking even with basic car scratches. Overdo it with the sandpaper, for example, and you’ll make the problem worse.

Auto Collision Repair and Painting: Often, the most problematic component of auto collision repair is matching the new paint with the old finish. Some people think this problem stems from not knowing the exact, original color of the car. In fact, this information is embedded within the VIN number. There are several variables that can make it virtually impossible to match the new paint with the old: weathering effects of time, paint manufacturers are allowed a 5% “tint” tolerance, the environmental conditions in which the paint was applied and allowed to dry, and even the difference in static charge between a plastic bumper and metal body work. For these reasons, even the professionals will rarely get a perfect match. Indeed, matching auto body paint is best done by the experienced eye of a professional car painter, who will use the original color value, but may also end up modifying the tint at the shop to deliver a better approximation.”

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