Signs that You’re Vehicle May Have a Bent Frame in Reno

Does your vehicle have auto body damage such as a bent frame? Learn what a bent frame does to your vehicle overtime without proper auto body repair.

According to an article at ehow.com, “Auto Body Damage

“Vehicles that have been involved in accidents where the frame is bent are typically totaled. Occasionally, a vehicle with a bent frame may avoid detection. Over time, though, the vehicle will display a variety of signs and symptoms of the problem. While no one vehicle problem is a guaranteed indicator of a bent frame, a combination of issues may result in the conclusion that a vehicle’s frame has been damaged. Vehicles should always be taken to a professional mechanic or body shop for official diagnosis of a bent frame.

Visible Frame Damage

Crawl under the car and look for damage or creases in the metal frame. Anything that looks suspicious, creased, rusted or visibly damaged in any way should be checked by a mechanic. A crease or unusual angle in the metal of the frame is a sure sign of a bent frame.


A car with a bent frame will always be out of alignment and pull in one direction or the other, regardless of how many times it has been aligned or how recently.

Wheels Don’t Track Properly

Vehicles with a bent frame have a tendency to do what is sometimes referred to as crab-walking or dog-walking, a name that’s generated because dogs and crabs walk slightly sideways. The rear tires of a vehicle are supposed to follow exactly behind the front tires. In a vehicle with a bent frame, the rear wheels will not track the same as the front wheels.”

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