Reputable Reno Auto Body Services

Choosing an auto body shop in Reno should be a no-brainer, don’t let your insurance company take charge! As a vehicle owner you have the right to choose which Reno auto body shop will do the repairs. For a reputable auto body shop, A1 Body Shop has 40 years of service under their belt.

According to an article at benzinga.com, “Insurance Company and Auto Body Repair Shops”

“While the auto is insured by a particular company, it is entirely the owner’s choice to find the auto body shop where they will have their vehicle repaired. Insurance companies may try to provide suggestions towards a more preferred shop in their network, but the client always has the decision. Collex reminds the owners not to feel pressured going in a repair shop just because the insurance company referred them.

Paying for Additional Damages Other than the Estimate

It is not unusual for other damages to occur to the vehicle even after the insurance company makes an estimate of the whole repair cost. The appraiser will only make an estimate according to the vehicle damages. Once the vehicle is taken apart for further checking, the auto body shop may discover a few more problems which will state that additional repairs must be done.

Choosing the Repair Shop with the Cheapest Price

Even though the insurance company will be paying for the entire expense, the auto body shop with the lower price does not necessarily indicate that it is the best place for repair. Collex reminds vehicle owners that modern vehicles need particular equipment and expertise which only bigger shops have. To ensure a successful repair of the auto, one must go to a credible company, which may or may not have a higher price tag than the smaller shops.”

Vehicle owners looking for high-quality auto body repairs in Reno visit a1bodyshoprv.com for more information.

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