Reno RV Air Conditioner Maintenance

Owning an RV is a huge responsibility but well worth it, your building a lifetime of memories! Your on an amazing Reno RV trip and suddenly your AC decides today it’s going on vacation. Learn how an RV AC unit works and the best RV repair shop in Reno.

According to an article at rvandcamperrepairarticles.blogspot.com, “RV AC Repair ”

“Today’s efficient rooftop RV air conditioners are made to provide many years of comfortable cooling as most are used during the hottest part of the year. If maintained properly, an  AC is normally trouble free except for changing or cleaning the filter regularly.
But like all appliances, an AC unit occasionally requires cleaning or even repairs in some cases. The following tips are intended to assist a travel trailer or motorhome owner to clean or troubleshoot any RVAC problems you may encounter, to repair the AC unit, or find parts for repairs needed.Common RV AC problemswill be addressed as will be the solutions. The questions addressed are actual queries to me from RV owners concerning rooftop AC problems as are the solutions the owners reported.
How An RV Air Conditioner Works 

The main parts of a rooftop air conditioner consists of a sealed compressor which pressurizes and circulates freon though two coils to not only remove any heat from the air circulating through the interior, but to exhaust this same heat to the outside of the RV itself.

The AC fan motor operates a squirrel-cage type fan to pull the cool air through one of the coils and, on the same shaft, a regular type propeller fan to blow the hot air through the other coil so it will be exhausted directly outside of the AC unit.Both compressor and AC fan motor  utilize a capacitor to boost the power of each on start up to prevent the electrical circuit from overloading and tripping a breaker.  Your RVAC unit may have only one capacitor to start and run both fan and compressor, or each may have a separate capacitor.The remaining items consist of the thermostat-either wall mounted or in the unit itself-a power switch, and various relays and circuit boards.”
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