Recommendations for Finding a Reputable Auto Body Repair Shop in Reno

Recommendations for Finding a Reputable Auto Body Repair Shop in Reno 

The truth is dealing with the aftermath of an auto collision can be a time-consuming stressful ordeal. Here are tips to help you find a reputable auto repair shop.

accidentAccording to an article at britlandautobody.com, “How to Find an Auto Body Shop You Can Trust”

“There are dozens of Auto Body Shops that can do the repairs, but the truth is that you are not involved in accidents on a daily bases so it’s not as easy to know which one to go to as if you were going to Macy’s for a dress or Best Buy for a TV. We can get into detail on some of the core principles there are to pick the perfect auto body shop but this blog is mostly to help you with some proper guidance that will lead you to the proper decision and ultimately an auto body shop that you will love to do business with.

My number one recommendation is to talk with family and friends. There is a good chance that someone close to you has had auto body repairs done in the past and a referral from a family or friend is hard to pass on. These friends know you best and will help steer you in the correct way.

Secondly, appearance and presentation: Once you read my other recommendations you might ask why is this 2nd over the others but appearance and presentation while tell you a million different things about a business. Does the office look clean and organized? How is their curb appeal? How knowledgeable are their employees? All these questions will give you a good idea if they do professional repairs and how much training they give their staff which is both two important things.” To read the entire article click here.

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