Reasons Why You Leave Auto Body Damage to the Specialist at A1 Body Shop in Reno

Have auto body damage and your considering doing the repairs yourself? Before you tackle this major auto body repair ask yourself first are you an auto body technician, second do you have the tools needed for auto body repairs?

According to an article at eHow.com, “The Importance of Auto Body Specialist

Auto body technicians are specialists within the world of automotive repair. Instead of servicing a vehicle’s mechanical components, auto body techs repair damage to the body from an accident or simply old age. To get cars looking their best, auto body technicians use a variety of tools and techniques.

Frame Machines

One of the largest and most important tools an auto body technician uses is a frame machine. This large machine consists of a series of clamps and pneumatic or hydraulic arms. Technicians attach the machine to the frame of a damaged car and then use the computer control unit to carefully bend the frame until it is back to its precise original shape. Frame machines are useful for adjusting cars that have been involved in an accident, or older vehicles that may be out of shape due to a lifetime of bumps and potholes.”

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