Ready To Have Some Fun in Your RV in Reno

Who’s ready to have some fun! Did I hear RV? You know that when you own an RV it’s not just a nice comfy home on wheels; it’s a lifestyle, way of life. Are you ready to take on the challenge and see the amazing lifestyle of owning an RV in Reno? Here’s just a few tips on comforts from home that you should never forget while traveling in an RV.

According to an article at rvt.com, “Comfort Items To Bring With You On The Road”

“Unlike a camping or backpacking trip, you can bring almost anything with you when you take to the road in your RV. You then wrap your trip around an escapade to an idyllic destination. Recreational vehicle camping is up 20 percent and RV rentals are up 35 percent in California alone, and sales on all styles of RVs are up 8.5 percent across the country, according to the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association and other industry sources. Try these tips to make your trip more comfortable:

Bring along light snacks and a cooler with cold drinks. Be sure to include bottled water. This will help you avoid making unintended stops. Have moist towelettes and paper towels handy for spills.

For the campground, you will need outdoor carpet, lawn chairs, awning, and, of course, a camping grill for road trip fare.

The trickiest job of a picnic is remembering everything. Bring along a plastic tarp to put underneath the blanket in case the ground is wet. Don’t forget the tablecloth. Also, don’t overlook paper towels for spills and cleaning wipes for cleansing dirty hands and faces, especially if you have children.

Writing journal, art and craft supplies, books, magazines, lots of pens and pencils, audio books, your favorite music CDs, portable CD player. This is a good time for the kids to catch up with any required summer reading for school.

To enjoy the best in baked goods on the road, quality mixes are a quick, easy solution. Mixes make vacation life easier, because everything is contained in one package. They are also convenient and proven, so you know your bread, cakes, pastries and desserts will turn out well.

Cell phones, accompanied by personal digital assistants (PDA’s) to organize your time, two-way pagers and dubbed text messengers. Each new generation of these devices is smaller, and the prices keep falling. Plus, they’re a great way to stay in touch, and can be lifesavers in an emergency situation. Keep your phone within easy reach and get to know its features. Use it sensibly, however. Reports indicate that driving while talking on the phone increases accident rates.

It will be to your advantage to let your children bring along their techno gear while traveling, in spite of your policy at home for electronic toys such as Game Boys, portable DVD players, headphones and the like. These important assets will help to keep them relaxed while traveling, and they will be less likely to get fed up and whine.

According to the American Camper: Profiles and Perspectives, a research project of the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds, RV ownership in the United States has reached record levels with 8.8 million American adults owning at least one RV. As you plan your own road trip, make sure and pick a destination that has something for every family member.”

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