Need Help Choosing The Best Auto Body Shop in Reno?

How would you choose an auto body repair shop in Reno? Do you look up reviews online, ask friends and family for referrals, or do you base an auto body shop on reputation and how long they been in business? To help you with your search for the best Reno auto body shop here’s a few suggestion below that may help smooth the process along.

According to an article at garagefly.com, “Auto Body Shop Industry”

“Many factors go into choosing a body shop that is exactly right for you, and there is a lot to consider before you make a decision.

Does the auto body shop have a good reputation?
There is no more important or reliable indicator of your future repair experience than the way an auto body shop has treated its previous customers. Customers don’t have to be “experts” to know if they have been treated fairly and repairs have been completed competently.

What certifications do they have?
Professional certifications indicate that the shop and its staff have been trained and tested on correctly performing the necessary repair. ASE or I-CAR are the two most widely accepted certifying organizations in the auto body shop industry. Association memberships often require businesses to agree to a code of ethics and commit to binding arbitration if a dispute arises. ASA and BBB are best-known associations. Your shop search results will indicate relevant certifications and affiliations.

Does the auto body shop offer a warranty?
A written warranty affirms the auto body shop’s confidence in its work and defines its commitment to meeting specific levels of work quality.

Do you need special services?
Some shops offer services that make the repair experience more pleasant. You may prefer a shop with Spanish-speaking personnel or one that demonstrates environmental sensitivity. Perhaps you want to search for your insurance company’s preferred shops or check into other options.

What kind of environment / appearance does the auto body shop maintain?

A great deal about a shop’s commitment to its customers is disclosed by the shop appearance itself and the way it “feels.” Cleanliness counts, and so does a relaxed environment. A body shop that takes pride in its appearance most likely also takes pride in the business as a whole and the relationships it has with its customers.”

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