Need an Auto Body Shop You Can Trust?

Need an Auto Body Shop You Can Trust?

Realized that your vehicle has auto body damage, but not sure where to go? If you’re in a time crunch here are tips on how to find a reputable auto body shop.

auto repairAccording to an article at wdtv.com, “Have a Huge Dent that Needs Auto Body Repair”

“Body shop owner Bruce Kelley says you should always check a shop’s certifications and don’t be afraid to ask questions. How secure is the shop? Do they have liability insurance? And most importantly, how long is the repair going to take?

“A lot of people have an expectation of repair. Things go wrong. Parts have to be ordered. Some-times it’s the wrong part. So we try to communicate with the folks over the period of the repair, but it’s important to ask at the beginning for an expectation. Things change, but at least you have an idea,” said Kelley.

He says you should never assume a small dent is a small problem. “Sometimes the damage is hid-den. Sometimes it’s a lot worse than that and what we see on the surface. I’ve had cars come in here with what looks like a dent and we totaled the car.”

Finally, Angie’s List says you should always ask the shop if they warranty their work.

“An auto body shop, whether it’s one you are paying for out of pocket or one your insurance is paying for, should offer a lifetime warranty on repairs and if they don’t you should find another one,” said Hicks.” To read the entire article click here.

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