Minimal Auto Body Damage in Reno

Does your vehicle have minimal auto body damage? One thing is for sure just because your vehicle is drivable doesn’t mean you should ignore auto body damage.

According to an article at allenandallen.com, “What to Do After an Accident”

“If your car is drivable – You should contact the other party’s insurance company to ask for an estimate of the cost of repairing your car. An insurance adjuster may arrange to come by and look at your car or you may be asked to take your car to the insurance company’s location. Once you get an estimate from the insurance company, take your car to a body shop of your choice for a second estimate. If the body shop feels the repairs to your car cannot be repaired as estimated by the insurance company, ask the Manager of the body shop to call the insurance company on your behalf. The insurance company will then issue you a check to the body shop to pay for the repair to your car.

Some insurance companies do not have local estimators and will ask you to get 2-3 estimates from local body shops for repairing your car. They will then issue you a check for the lowest estimate.”

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