Insurance Companies Exposed in Auto Body Repairs

Insurance Companies Exposed in Auto Body Repairs

Is your insurance company trying to deter you from going to an auto body shop of your choice? Learn how many customers are feeling the pressure from the insurance company.

Insurance claim According to an article at thealternativepress.com, “Did You File an Insurance Claim after an Auto Accident” 

“Sam Mikhail, owner of Prestige Auto Body in Garwood, NJ, explained that shoddy repair jobs are frequently completed at insurance company’s DRPs, which are under enormous pressure to get the job done as fast and as cheaply as possible.  This sometimes leads to cutting corners in order to save money on the workmanship and on rentals that the insurance company pays for.

As a result, aftermarket parts are often used, and inferior service is done even though consumers are paying the same deductible, regardless of the repair quality. Repair costs beyond the deductible are typically covered by the auto insurers, who want the work done at the cheapest price.  Mikhail claims that insurance companies will often use scare tactics to get the claimants to bring their cars to “approved” DRPs.

“They will try to deter customers from taking their cars to an independent auto body repair shop by delaying time or making false guarantees for service warranties,” said Mikhail, who immigrated to America from Egypt in 1969 and holds an MBA in accounting.” To read the entire article click here.

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