How to Stay Clear from Dishonest Auto Body Shops in Reno

Do you know how to spot a crooked auto body repair shop? Here are tips on what to be aware of and find a reputable auto body shop you can trust.

According to an article at bodyshopbusiness.com, “Warning Signs that Your Collision Repair Shop May Not Be Honest”

“Bad repairs, shoddy repairs, butchered-up repairs, unsafe repairs, hack jobs…whatever you want to call them, they don’t happen on their own. Many of you are going to think I’m nuts for what I’m about to say as to why bad repairs happen, but here goes: Bad repairs are allowed to take place, pure and simple. Greed and not caring allows bad repairs to take place.

Insurance companies wanting more and more profits causes bad repairs to happen. The practice of hiring inexperienced adjusters, pencil-pushing auditors and unrealistic cycle time also allow bad repairs to happen. Until insurers change their ways and agree to pay to have damaged vehicles repaired correctly, the allowing of bad repairs will continue to happen.

Many shop owners and managers also allow bad repairs to happen — the ones who allow insurers to be their lords and masters. Seeking volume repairs allows bad repairs to happen. Like insurers, these shop owners and managers have inexperienced people writing their estimates. You might as well not have an estimator and just work off the insurance adjuster’s damage appraisal. Not having a tight quality control check over body technicians and painters also contributes to the proliferation of hack jobs.

Body techs and painters allow bad repairs to happen due to several reasons. First, they’re on straight commission and therefore try to turn as many hours as possible. In some of my post-repair inspections, had the tech or painter allowed for maybe one or two hours for fine-tuning the repairs, the result would have been higher quality.” To read the entire article click here.

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