How to Protect the Value of Your Vehicle in Reno

How to Protect the Value of Your Vehicle in Reno

What are you doing to maintain the value of your vehicle? Here are tips on how to avoid damage to the interior and exterior of your vehicle.

truckAccording to an article at waynesgarage.com, “Tips on Maintaining Your Vehicle”

“Here are some tips to keep that value in your car:
1. Stick to the vehicle’s maintenance schedule. Keep all car records. Don’t toss paperwork that a potential buyer wants to see. Instead, keep a simple file of all of your bills, receipts, recall notices, e-mails and letters about your vehicle.

2. Keep the interior and exterior clean. Don’t neglect the carpet or floor mats.

3. Don’t smoke in your car. Smoking in a car narrows the market because it is very difficult to remove the smell of smoke.

4. Avoid eating in your car. It may damage the interior by leaving stains or unwanted odors.

5. Have scratches, dents and paint chips repaired in a timely manner. If left alone, they may lead to rust or other expensive damage.

6. Go synthetic. When you do get that oil change, consider one of the well-known synthetic oils on the market. Your engine could last longer and operate at cooler temperatures.

7. Fix what breaks. Today’s cars are way more complicated than cars from 20 years ago. A little problem can become a big problem if ignored.” To read the entire article click here.

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