How to Keep Your Vehicle Dent Free in Reno

Has this ever happened to you, a dent on your brand new vehicle fresh off the lot? Here are tips on how to avoid a dent or scratches on your vehicle in a parking lot.

According to an article at learningcenter.statefarm.com, “Avoid Those Common Parking Mishaps”

“Few things are more irritating than finding a fresh door ding, but it’s hard to avoid them. Whether you’re driving to the grocery store, work, or the doctor’s office, chances are you’re going to have to park your vehicle in a parking space, next to other vehicles.

Your best efforts to avoid door dings and scratches can be enhanced by assessing your surroundings before choosing a parking space. Consider these common sense parking tips next time you’re out and about:

  • If an end spot is available, that’s normally your best bet.
  • Consider parking as far away as possible, odds of someone cramping your car that far out is more remote.
  • Before you pull into a space look at the length of the doors on the other vehicle(s), if those doors were fully extended could they reach your vehicle?
  • Look at the height of the vehicle you are parking next to, if it is another vehicle similar in height to yours and if your car has protective rubber door moldings those moldings may protect your car’s doors, but SUV’s and truck doors are taller and may cause dents higher than your moldings can protect, move to another spot.
  • Always try to look at the car next to you and determine if there may be passengers (at work maybe not, the mall, probably) this may impact which side of the vehicle you park on. If you’re at work and figure there are no passengers, maybe parking on the passenger side of that car is good, at least you can protect one side of your car.”

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