How to Keep Your Classic Vehicle Looking Great

Do you have a classic beauty in the garage that you cherish? Owning a classic vehicle is a labor of love. Here are tips to to keep your classic vehicles exterior looking great.

According to an article at EzineArticles.com, “Owning a Classic Vehicle”

classic car“You drove it when you were partying like it was 1999 (and in fact, when it actually was 1999), through the Bush and Obama presidencies, and to at least three new Batman movies. Today, you’re still tooling around with your vintage vehicle. At 10, 15, or even 20 years old, these beauties have earned their reputation for durability and charm, but when they start to sputter, head to the shop post-haste for some routine auto service.

As the owner of a vintage vehicle, your greatest (and most costly) repairs may relate to rust. All those years of service mean time for water to have collected in or on the car, creating the powerful oxidation reaction, which eats shiny exteriors and engines alike. Before you take your car in, check the body for rust spots, which are both unsightly and potentially indicative of greater problems throughout the car. Rust spots or bubbles in body panels may need to be sandblasted, trimmed, or replaced.

Inside the car, particularly if you don’t drive very often, rust may infiltrate the engine, transmission, or valve train. If you can get the car up on a lift, scope out the wheel wells, floor pans, and undercarriage for those telltale iron-colored spots. Make sure you have your auto service technician check the muffler, exhaust pipes, and shock towers thoroughly for rusted areas and recommend repair or replacement.” To read the entire article click here.

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