How to Inspect Your Vehicles Exterior Paint in Reno Nevada

Do you know when the best time is to inspect your vehicles auto paint for rust? Here are auto tips for your exterior paint when inspecting your vehicle for rust.

According to an article at dummies.com, “Auto Care Tips”

“Another prime breeding ground for rust is any place on a vehicle where grime, dirt, or salt can accumulate. These areas are usually around fenders, under trim, and so on. Pay special attention to the following when you look for rust:

Each time you wash the car, take a flashlight and check around the fenders, in the wheel wells, and behind metal bumpers.

Shine a light into the little crevices between the car body and all the trim and moldings that are affixed to it. Look all around the lights, windows, side mirrors, sunroof, and antenna, too.

If you live in a damp area, check the metal surfaces inside the vehicle.

One of the most insidious places rust forms is under your vehicle, where you can’t see it. The next time you bring your car in for service, have the shop put it up on the hoist and check its underbody thoroughly.” To read an entire article click here.

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