How to Get a Good Auto Body Estimate in Reno

When it comes to auto body repairs, do you know what’s the first step in the process? It’s getting an estimate from a reputable auto body shop. Here are a few key points to remember when getting an estimate. 

According to an article at da-lesautobody.com, “Need an Auto Body Repair Estimate”

“An estimate is a financial amount that tells you how much the approximate cost will be to repair your vehicle. You might seek an estimate after a small accident when you back into your neighbor’s mailbox, or you might need an estimate after another car hits you on the highway. The estimate will tell you approximately how much the job costs both in terms of parts and labor. An estimator must look at your car to see exactly how much damage was done to the car and how much work the job requires, a accurate onsite inspection will ensure your vehicle is restored to current industry standards.

Why Cant’ I Just Call or Email?

The biggest mistake that people make after an accident is that they don’t know how to seek out a good estimate. Many people think that they can just call a body shop, explain the damage and receive an estimate instantly. Other people think that they can email a body shop, give a short description of the damage and receive an estimate in their in-box. It is impossible for a good estimator to give you an estimate without seeing the car. Even if you send a few pictures of your car and the damage, the estimator needs to inspect your car in person. This is the only way that you can ensure that your will vehicle will be restored to pre-accident condition.” To read the entire article click here.

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