How to Determine the Qulaity of Auto Body Repairs

Not sure how to determine the quality of service you received from an auto body shop? Here are tips on how to determine the quality of service from an auto body repair shop.

According to an article at probstautobody.com, “Auto Body Shop Service”

“If you’re not sure what was done to your car make sure and ask before paying your bill.  It’s best to have the shop show you the repairs that were done.

  • Has the car been cleaned?   Body shops are generally very dirty places.  Any car that has been in a body shop should be washed and vacuumed.  Now this is just one small step of a good repair but generally a very important one. 

  • The finer details.  There are several obvious signs of poor repairs that can be spotted if you know what you’re looking for.  First, look for even body gaps.  The body gaps should be even and level from panel to panel.  Second, look for color match. Does the area that was repaired appear to be a different color than the rest of the car?  Third, look for imperfections in the clear coat.  When looking closely at the paint you may see a small bump or dirt nib that won’t come off.  Although these may seem minor to the average customer these are all signs of a poor repair.  If any of these are found you should ask the auto body shop to fix these problems.” To read the entire article click here.

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