How to Determine the Best Auto Body Shop in Reno

Life can be hectic at times with work, kids, and trying to find the best auto body shop in the Reno and the Sparks area. If you’ve never dealt with an auto body shop, here are tips that can help you choose the best auto body shop for the repairs.

According to an article at Edmonds.com, “Need Help Finding an Auto Body Shop

“When you last saw your car, it was a twisted mess being towed away from the scene of the accident. Now it’s weeks later and the car are parked in the driveway of a body shop. All you have to do is write a check and the car is yours again. But how do you know that everything under the surface has really been fixed correctly?

One key to getting your car fixed right is choosing a reliable shop in the first place. But you should still inspect the work performed before you drive away. To better understand what to look for; here are some insider tips from several knowledgeable veterans of the body shop business.

Have a Clear Understanding Up Front

The process of having your car fixed right starts when you drop it off, says Aaron Schulenburg, executive director of the Society of Collision Repair Specialists. Be clear on what the shop is going to fix and how it will do the repair. Get everything in writing. Ask about the shop’s warranty on its work. When you return, review the paperwork to confirm that the shop did the repairs correctly.

“A reputable repair facility will go through everything with you, walk you through all the steps they took,” Schulenburg says. “Good shops will even touch up bolts under the hood that have been scratched while being repaired.”

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