How to Deal with Your Insurance Company While Finding the Best Auto Body Shop in Reno

How to Deal with Your Insurance Company While Finding the Best Auto Body Shop in Reno 

While family’s are busy during this time of the year with festive holiday celebrations. The last thing on your list is dealing with an auto collision. If you find yourself in this situation, here are tips on how to handle your insurance company.

According to an article at checkbook.org, “Did You Find a Reputable Auto Body Shop?”

“Dealing with Your Insurer and Your Shop 

Choosing a good shop is an important step toward obtaining quality service, but certainly not the only one. How you deal with your shop and, when you’re involved in accidents, with your insurer are equally important. 

The Insurer 

If your repair will be paid for by your insurance or another party’s insurance (as is more than 80 percent of all bodywork), make sure the insurance company doesn’t cut corners. Your shop can be an expert ally in this effort, but you yourself must make the right moves. 

Always report an accident as soon as possible. If your car suffers only minor damage, and you are certain there are no structural or other safety-related problems, follow the instructions of the responsible insurance company. You probably will be asked to use a drive-in claims center that will provide an authorized repair-cost figure and the names of body shops willing to make the repairs for that amount. Using a drive-in service is convenient and should be satisfactory when there is only cosmetic damage. 

Some insurers offer another option: Take your car to a company-designated shop and have the repairs made with no estimate. This can be a big time saver for you and the company, and, again, an acceptable arrangement if you need only minor repairs. 

But if there is even a possibility of more serious damage, take your car directly to the body shop of your choice and tell the insurer to send its estimator there. For serious repairs, you need the shop to advocate for quality. Don’t count on your insurance company to look out for your interests. Also, bringing your car to a body shop rather than an insurance company’s drive-in appraisal center allows the company’s adjuster to make a thorough inspection for hidden damage.” To read the entire article click here.

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