For the Love of Classic Car Restoration in Reno

Before we know it summer will be here and your classic vehicle that you wanted restored is still sitting in the garage. Learn about the pros of having a reputable auto body shop do the job right in a timely manner for you.

According to an article at ehow.com, “How Do I Choose the Right Auto Body Shop for my Classic Car Restoration?”

“Car collectors who can afford the expense usually opt to have a reputable body shop do the work. These people generally collect classic cars as an investment. DIY-ers usually restore a classic car out of love for that certain car or for sentimental reasons. These are usually long-term projects and are worked on as time and finance allows. Some of these classic cars may sit in garages or storage sheds for years while the owner collects information and parts that he needs to restore the car. Some of these classic cars sit and wait due to financial reasons. Some are even passed down to the next generation and may wait many years before they are restored.

The Work

Once the process begins, the car is totally restored from top to bottom. The car may be dismantled entirely. This allows for the frame to be checked for any damage and to be repaired and repainted. The interior of the car is removed to check for damage and is then cleaned, repaired or replaced. The engine is totally torn down and inspected. If possible, it is rebuilt with new parts. If necessary, a new engine is located. The replacement engine must match the specifications of the original engine.

The key to a successful restore is originality. Everything must be original. Even though it may take a lot of work, time and research to accomplish this, a true car buff can tell if the classic car restore work is all original.”

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