Finding the Best Auto Restoration in Reno

For many individuals finding a doctor may be easier than finding the right auto body shop to restore your classic vehicle. When you need to make a decision on choosing the right auto body shop here are tips that can help you determine your needs.

According to an article at cruisnews.com, “Auto Body Shops that Specialize in Vehicle Restoration”

“Let’s take a look at some ways to make sure the vehicle owner is protected when getting the work done. The most important part is choosing the right shop but how do you find a body shop to do your restoration? I don’t recommend going to a shop that specializes in just collision repair. While they might be able to do restoration work, they are probably not the right guys to take on a 40-year-old restoration. I do recommend trying to find a shop that specializes in collector car restoration work. If you know of such a shop, talk to the owner and ask for references from the shop. Then contact those references.

Another way to find a reputable body shop is to attend the local car shows and talk to the owners of cars that you think have the type of paint job you are looking for. If the owner is happy with their body shop they will be glad to talk about the experience and recommend the shop that did their work. Don’t be afraid to ask the approximate price for the body and paint work. I find most people who are happy with the body shop will gladly discuss the specifics with you. Talk to several people, make a list of the shops and plan to visit them.”

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