Finding a Knowledgeable Body Shop

Finding a Knowledgeable Body Shop 

Trying to find an auto body shop that is not only knowledgeable, but also strives to satisfy customers? Learn how to find a knowledgeable auto body shop you can trust.

car accident 3According to an article at thesimpledollar.com, “Choosing an Auto Body Shop”

“Be Picky – and Let Them Know It
Make it clear to your auto body shop that you want all brand-new, factory-original parts used in your car’s repair. In some states, the law allows for used or aftermarket parts to be applied, but if they don’t fit properly or if they don’t match quite right, you have the right to demand new replacement parts that will restore your vehicle to its original condition. Let the shop know that you’re picky and expect high quality work. If you leave them with the opposite impression, your car might end up with some ill-fitted panels after the work is done, leaving your car devalued and in poor cosmetic condition.

Go to a Shop Specializing In Your Car’s Brand

Choosing a shop is like choosing a restaurant – you wouldn’t order Mandarin chicken at an Italian restaurant, so don’t try to get your Volkswagen fixed at a Honda specialist’s shop. It might work out fine for a basic repair, but it’s best to go to a shop that knows your car inside and out. Different car brands have a lot of nuances, so it’s best to go with experienced technicians.

If your insurer is trying to “mandate” aftermarket or used parts that will void your factory warranty, demand that the insurer give you a written warranty identical to your factory warranty

Get It In Writing

When your insurance adjuster or auto body shop representative promises to “pay for everything,” “restore your car to its pre-accident condition,” or “completely cover the rental car,” make sure you get these types of commitments in writing. Even after a phone conversation, send an email to your adjuster or auto body shop to make an official the agreement or promises made and ask them to respond to clarify that everything is accurate. You’ll thank yourself later if you happen to lodge a complaint with their manager in order to get the service you were promised.” To read the entire article click here.

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